03 Oct

The Sacramento Bee has done it again - attacking Destiny Church and members of our Rocklin community.

 While that may not be shocking given the SacBee’s long and horrific record of attacking what has made our community great - what is shocking is the lack of response from our city’s leaders.

 Their Silence is Deafening. 

Resident criticisms of blighted city-owned buildings, the lack of support to businesses in the path of roundabouts, the city’s lack of proactive efforts to curb homeless, or the lack of will to leave PG&E put these same city leaders in to full crisis management mode. 

But a Front Page Attack in the Sunday paper - with a claimed readership of nearly 900K people - on one of our community’s greatest assets and all I hear is silence. 

This isn’t the first time either. 

When the SacBee attacked our local school board members, these same city leaders stayed silent. 

The SacBee has shown its true colors in its continued attacks on our Faith, Families and Freedoms.

I have been honored to share the stage multiple times with Pastor Greg Farrington, and while we do not share all the same views, I honor and applaud his leadership and willingness to stand up to the bully Gavin Newsom and fight for our rights.

Often, politicians desire to straddle the line in an attempt to appease all people and offend no one.  

That in and of itself is offensive. 

The time has come to draw that line and call right, right and good, good.

As I’ve said a number of times before, Rocklin has benefited from good stewardship for many years.

We can’t settle for city leaders who sit on their hands when our values and community are being attacked. We need LEADERSHIP.

 And we need it now more than ever.

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