Matthew Oliver has been a member of the community living in Rocklin for the last 13 years. Married to Siobhan Oliver his wife for 23 years, together they have raised 5 children, including Auston Oliver their eldest adopted son.  

As a small business owner of House of Oliver and Senior Pastor of the Family Church in Roseville, Matthew knows the tough challenges facing our local community today.
Matthew has stood strong for our local businesses, working to partner together to make our community stronger.

He has stood for our children and their health and education, fighting hard both locally and at the capitol to get our schools open and to get the government out of our children's health.
Matthew has been a strong advocate for continued safety in our city and throughout placer county.

As a pastor for over 23 years, Matthew knows what it means to serve his community. From outreaches that included feeding the hungry, providing blankets and resources to the hurting, school supplies for students in need and community events throughout the years, to counseling families, working with troubled teens and hurting parents.  He knows what it means to bring people together and work together for a greater good.
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